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Dear Friend... Are You Getting Fed Up Of Not Knowing How To Maintain Your Hair For Best Results?  

Are You Experiencing Breakage And Don't Know Why Nor What To Do About It?  

Have You Been Searching For Answers But Don't Know What's True And What's Not?

Here's Your Chance To Get Your Hands On My

Brand New Healthy Hair Guide

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  • Three phases of hair growth and why they matter 

  • Discover the reasons for breakage and hair loss

  • Why pH matters in the products you choose

  • Learn about the seven characteristics of healthy hair

  • Distinguish myths from reality about haircare

  • Learn healthy dietary solutions with regards to preventing hair loss

  • Discover nutritional remedies for healthy hair growth

  • Learn which foods to avoid and limit the intake of for better hair management

  • Save money and learn your own Massage techniques

  • Learn which herbs are helpful with hair loss prevention

  • Learn what to use for help with seborrhea, eczema, psoriasis, or dandruff

  • Learn more about Aloe Vera and its effect on hair

  • Discover the best methods for cleaning your hair and scalp and if conditioners really should be used with shampoos.

  • Learn good grooming and hair care habits

  • Learn about Black Hair Basics

  • Learn more about hair and scalp diseases

  • Learn about specific women’s hair loss issues

  • Review the latest hair replacement and restoration techniques

  • Find out about over the counter treatments for hair loss prevention

  • Use our handy resources for hair care and hair loss prevention

  • And much, much more

Inside This Guide, You Will Learn:

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jam-packed into an easy-to-read format, full of successful solutions that have been salon tried and tested. Select only those choices that fit into your own hectic lifestyle and budget.

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WARNING: This Guide May Be Helpful To Your Hair!

Hi, my name is Kendra Timmons, I am a Hair Coach and Hair Designer with over 19 years professional experience working with all types of hair.  I have coached and serviced many women in helping them maintain and achieve beautiful, healthy black hair.  


For many of us, our hair is our 'crowning glory', especially African-American Women; thus

I have created an easy to use reference guide that will provide you with necessary information in for your journey to achieving and maintaining your beautiful and healthy black hair.  Remember my quote, if your hair doesn't look good, you don't feel good!

Having been a client of Kendra for over six years, I have often referred her numerous new clients based primarily on their compliments on how my hair is always beatifully styled and maintains a healthy sheen and highly professional look.  As there are many great hair stylists in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area, I have found Kendra Timmons to be expectional in her knowledge and expertise in working with all types of hair, healthly hair concepts and overall hair care maintenance  - T. J., PhD., Arlington, TX


I have been seeing Kendra as my stylist for several years and I think she’s wonderful!  She has worked with me and encouraged me as I have transitioned from relaxed hair to natural hair.  She’s always had words of encouragement even when I was considering going back to relaxers.  At this point I love the freedom that my natural hair affords me, so I thank her for that encouragement!  Her love for what she does and her desire to make sure her clients are satisfied ensures that her work is quality.  She makes sure that my hair not only appears to be healthy but that it is healthy!  If you are looking for someone who will actually listen to your hair concerns and requests and who cares about the health of your hair, you should contact Kendra! - T.W., Arlington, TX


... My hair started growing and my scalp wasn’t damaged.  I told Kendra I will never let anyone back in my head again and I have keep my promise.  Kendra is a BLESSING to the beauty industry, you can give her a style from a book and she will do your hair exactly the way it is in the book. I know I have tested her skills plenty of times. One day in the shop I asked Kendra when did she decide to become a stylist, she told me that her grandmother advised her to continue doing beauty. Well I can say THANK YOU grandmother because Kendra is truly a BLESSING TO ALL OF HER CUSTOMERS - Shani L., Fort Worth, TX




Manage It!:  A Healthy Hair Care Guide to Achieving and Maintaining Beautiful Black Hair

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